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900 Railroad Ave
Lomira, WI 53048

Where the tracks cross Main in downtown Lomira.

(920) 269-4212
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Contemplative orchestral music plays. Fade in on close-up of the table’s worn surface. Cut to a 30-something year-old man stands in his garage, looking at an old dining room table. [Voiceover begins] During the depression, my grandfather went hungry around this table. Cut to surface details of the aged wooden tabletop. Cut to man rolling up his sleeves, ready to start work on the project. He pours stripper into a metal pail and paints it onto the top. [Voiceover continues] Before leaving for Vietnam, my uncle ate one of his last meals in America around this table. Man begins to scrape off the tabletop’s old finish. Man sands the tabletop. [Voiceover continues] This table has played host to everything from Christmas dinners to Grandma's bridge tournaments, to arguments about politics and sports. Man blows dust off the tabletop, then continues sanding. [Voiceover continues] This table has had fists pounded on it, pumpkins carved on it, and babies spit up on it. Man starts applying new coat of varnish. [Voiceover continues] Four generations of children have had to sit at this table until they ate all their vegetables, one of them just last week. Man knocks twice on the tabletop. Proud of his completed project, he leans against his workbench to admire it. [Voiceover continues] This table has a story. This table is a story, and the story doesn't end anytime soon. Cut to the True Value logo. Cut to the True Value Locally Owned, Locally Strong logo. End video.
Table Video 2021 [1:21]
It’s not just a table, it’s a place to gather. It’s hosted your birthday dinners, holiday celebration, and even a few time outs. This table is full of memories. And here at True Value, we want to help you make more.
Key Cutter
We Cut All Types of Keys
House keys, padlock keys, Automotive keys....we cut them all and guarantee them.
Window Screens SCREEN REPAIR
Screen Repairs Available
Get ready for spring and bring those tattered screens in to get fixed before the weather turns
Field of Colorful Paint Cans
EasyCare Paints
Inside every can of EasyCare® and Woodsman® products is the finest quality interior and exterior paints and stains on which homeowners and professionals alike have come to rely.
Everything you need to Build A Home
Looking to build, add on, or remodel? We can help you out with all your building material needs. We are here to help you from start to finish.
Lumber Pile
High Quality Lumber Only
We could buy the cheaper grade of wood but we don't, and we keep our prices in line with the competition.
Assembly Available
Blade Sharpening
Chain Saw Sharpening
Delivery Available
Gift Cards
Glass Cutting
Glass Repair
Key Cutting
Knife Sharpening
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening
Lock Service
Paint Color Matching
Power Tool Repair
Paint Mixing
Plexiglass Cutting
Re Key Locks
Scissor Sharpening
Screen Cutting
Screen Repair
UPS Location
Window Repair
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About Us

Luedtke Lumber True Value in Lomira, WI is your locally owned hardware store. We're proud to be a member of the True Value family, and we're here to serve our community. Whether you're a pro or taking on a DIY home improvement project for the first time, we're right here in your neighborhood with the expert advice, tools, equipment and the products you need to get the job done. Luedtke Lumber True Value in Lomira, WI, we're here to help. Come in and see us today.
Note: Luedtke Lumber True Value is independently owned and operated. Prices and program participation may vary. Prices are subject to change without notice.